Original Article

Assessment of Cognitive Functioning in Adult Women with Low Vitamin D Level Using Mini Mental State Examination and Montreal Cognitive Assessment


  • Asli Gençay Can
  • Canan Çelik
  • Serdar Süleyman Can
  • Seniz Akçay Yalbuzdag

Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23 (1): 1-5 (Accepted Date: 11.07.2016) (Received Date: 17.05.2016)

Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate cognitive functioning in adult women with low level vitamin D and to investigate the relationship between vitamin D and cognitive functioning. Materials and Methods: Seventy-one women patients aged 18-50 with 25-OH vitamin D3 level Results: There was no significant difference between the group 1 and 2 for demographic and clinical characteristics except for vitamin D and PTH (p>0.05). Patients in group 1 had their vitamin D levels significantly lower and PTH levels higher than group 2 (p0.05). Although there was a relationship between education and MOCA and MMSE scores, we didn’t find any significant relationship between age and vitamin D levels and MOCA and MMSE scores. Conclusion: Although approximately 50% of adult women whose vitamin D levels were low had reduced cognitive function, there was no relationship between vitamin D levels and cognitive functions.

Keywords: Vitamin D, cognitive function, Mini Mental State Examination, Montreal Cognitive Assessment

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