Case Report

Bilateral Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after Fracture of Bilateral Tibia and Fibula


  • Senem Sas
  • Zeynep Karakuzu Güngör
  • Hatice Rana Erdem
  • Figen Tuncay

Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23 (1): 29-32 (Accepted Date: 03.04.2017) (Received Date: 01.08.2016)

Complex regional syndrome type 1 (CRPS-1) is a painful clinical condition. It occurs after a painful event and characterized by allodynia, hyperalgesia, edema, abnormalities in skin blood flow and abnormal sudomotor activity. When CRPS-1 is associated with nerve injury, it is defined as CRPS-2. Central and peripheral theory are responsible in etiopathogenesis of CRPS-1. Generally it occurs in the injured limb. But, it may ocur in the opposite extremities. In this article, we present a case developing bilateral CRPS-1 after bilateral tibia and fibula fracture by reviewing current literatüre.

Keywords: Complex regional pain syndrome, bilateral, fracture

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