Year: 2013 Month: 8 Volume: 19 Issue 2
Case Report
Year: 2013
Month: 8
Valume: 19
Issue 2
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Low Back Pain Due to the Osteitis Condensans Ilii
Doi: 10.4274/tod.36035
Ümit Seçil Demirdal, Alpay Haktanır, Fatima Yaman

Osteitis Condensans Ilii (OCI) is a rare condition causing low back pain. It is generally seen in women related to pregnancy. Well defined triangular sclerotic area on the iliac part of the sacroiliac articulation can be seen on x-rays. The most accepted hypothesis is the extra mechanical loading of the sacroiliac joints leading to sclerosis during the pregnancy. The differential diagnosis between mechanical and inflammatory disease in patients with low back pain is usually difficult and the presence of sclerosis may be confusing. OCI is a benign form of sclerosis, not a form of inflammatory lesions. A case of woman with low back pain due to the OCI is presented. Physical and neurological examinations are unremarkable. The radiograph of the pelvis shows bilateral-symmetrical sclerosis localized to the lower part of the sacroiliac joints. This case report reviews the literature and mentions the main features and differentional diagnosis of OCI. (Turkish Journal of Osteoporosis 2013;19: 48-51)

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