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(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: -)

Original Investigation

Assessment of Cognitive Functioning in Adult Women with Low Vitamin D Level Using Mini Mental State Examination and Montreal Cognitive Assessment

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 1-5)

The Seasonal and Meteorological Relationships of Diagnostic Distribution of Patients Presenting with Musculoskeletal Complaints According to Gender

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 6-15)

Osteoporotic Fractures and Posture Problem in Association with Vitamin D Level in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 16-20)

Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction, Preference and Side Effects after Annual Zoledronic Acid Infusion in Patients with Osteoporosis

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 21-25)

Case Report

From Complication to Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer in an Acetabular Fracture Patient Presenting with Hip Pain

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 26-28)

Bilateral Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after Fracture of Bilateral Tibia and Fibula

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 29-32)

An Important Cause of Tetraplegia: Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 33-38)

Charcot Neuroarthropathy Confused with Venous Insufficiency in a Diabetic Patient

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 39-42)

Letters to the Editor

Kinesiological Taping Effects After Carpal Tunnel Syndrom Surgeries

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 43-43)

Trigger Finger Mimicking Sesamoid Bone: A Cause of Diagnostic Delay

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 44-44)

Idiopathic Widespread Femoral Osteonecrosis: An Insidious Cause for Knee Pain

(Turk J Osteoporos 2017; 23: 45-46)
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